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Add Device Resource

You can add a device resource from the Device Resources pane of the Device Configuration Tool.

To add a device resource, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Add Device Resource icon as illustated below:

    Add device resource button

    The first page of the Add Device Resource Wizard displays, as illustated below:

    Add device protcol pane
  2. Select the protocol used by the device resource from the Protocol drop down menu.
  3. Select the Next button. The second page of the Add Device Resource Wizard displays, as illustrated below:

    Choose device to add resources to window Select the device you wish to add the resources to from the Select a Device drop down menu.
  4. Select the NEXT button to display the third page of the Add Device Resource Wizard, as illustated below:

    Add Device Resource Wizard
  5. Select the Add Resource icon.

    Add Resource button

    The Resource Information dialog box displays, as illustrated below:

    Device Resource Info Pane
  6. Complete the information in the wizard with the details for the resource, noting that the Attributes section is different for each supported protocol.

    Select the SAVE button to add the device resource and return to the third pane of the Add Device Resource wizard, as illustated below.

    Selecting the CANCEL button returns you to the Device Resource pane without adding the device resource.

    Device Resource Save Button

    Repeat these steps for each resource you want to add
  7. Select the FINISH button to save all the added resources and return to the Device Resources pane
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