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Submit to the Library

You can submit a device type that you own (along with the associated device resources and device profiles) for inclusion in the Device Configuration Tool library. These must have already been added to the Device Configuration Tool. For further information on how to do this, see Add Device Type.

If your submission is approved by the library administrator, it will then be available for all users to import from the library. For further information on importing from the library, see Importing from the Library.

To submit your Device Type to the Device Configuration Tool library, follow the steps below. These steps use an example Device Type to demonstrate.

  1. Locate the Device Type that you want to submit
  2. Select the ... icon in the Actions column for the device type:

    Select ... in the actions column

  3. Select the View detail option, as illustrated below:

    Select "Actions" next to Device Type

    This brings up details about the selected Device Type:

    Device Type View Detail

  4. Select the SUBMIT TO LIBRARY button

    A confirmation dialog box will appear:

    Confirm submission to library

  5. Select the Yes button to submit the device type, and associated device resources and device profiles to the Device Configuration Tool administrators for review.

    After submission, the details show Review in Progress, as illustrated below, and an email is sent to the Device Configuration Tool administrators to notify them of the submission:

    Submission in review

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