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The Device Configuration Tool allows you to:

  • Search
  • Filter
  • Access Further Information

To search for a particular term, enter the term that you want to find in the Search text field. The listing is automatically updated as you type.

To clear the search, select the X icon, as illustrated below:

Search bar


The Filters menu allows you to filter the current content by protocol.

To apply a filter, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Filters menu

    The currently-applied filter displays, as illustrated below:

    filter dropdown

  2. Select the protocol you require from the options


All users can create and edit device configurations for the protocols supported by EdgeX Foundry. IOTech customers can also configure the device protocol connectors provided by their contract subscriptions. Please contact IOTech Support to arrange this enhanced service if access is not automatic.

The current filter remains visible until a different protocol, or All protocols is selected from the Filters menu.

Access Further Information

You can access further information on the Device Configuration Tool from the Help menu, as illustrated below:

Device Configuration Tool Help Menu

The options provide the following information:

  • Select Documentation to view this documenation

  • Select About Device Configuration Tool to view the copyright and version information for the Device Configuration Tool.

  • Select Troubleshooting to access a link to contact support

  • Select DCT Release Notes to access the Release Notes

  • Select Terms and Condititions to view the Device Configuration Tool License Agreement.

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